The Power of Gratitude

For many people, gratitude is difficult, because quite frankly life can be difficult.  Ordinary circumstances can make o…

Quote of the Week

“Lean in, speak out, have a voice in your organisation, and never use the word, ‘sorry’.”
- Trish Bertuzzi


"Welcome to Thirty-4-Seven. We exist to ensure mothers returning to work are supported. That each of us has the tools to help balance corporate life and motherhood without sacrificing either. We're a powerful network of successful women, from the ones who have been there and done that to those just starting out on their journey. Women supporting women, mums supporting mums. Thirty-4-seven began as a blog called City Mum. That was me. Lost and floundering in a world it didn’t feel I belonged. Back then I could have really used a place like this. So here it is, and I’m so glad you’re here."

- Samantha J